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Safety Patrol

Hughes School Safety Patrol is a group of fifth grade students who work together to create a safer environment for pedestrians walking and motor vehicles commuting to school. The fifth graders are learning teamwork, communication skills, and confidence while they serve as members of the Safety Patrol. Once the fifth grade students are fully trained by the Santa Clara Police Department, they will assist with school drop off and after school pick up in front of Hughes. These students on safety patrol are supported by school staff.

The School Safety Program was started in 1946 by the California State Automobile Association to ensure the safe crossing of children to and from school. Through the efforts of the Santa Clara Police Department, the California State Automobile Association, and fourteen Santa Clara public and private schools, the program has grown to over 450 students, fifth through eighth grades.

Since its inception in 1920, millions of grade-school students have served on safety patrol and we've seen how the program benefits students, schools and the community. Students gain safety awareness and leadership skills; school increase their safety network along walking routes, bus loading zones, and carpool areas; and the community gets a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists.

Safety Patrol Tweet
Safety Patrol Tweet