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To report an absence:

Please call the 24-hour attendance line at 408-423-1505 or email Please leave the following information:


1. State and spell the student's name.

2. Date of absence.

3. Reason for absence (illness, medical appointment, etc)

4. Caller name, phone number, and relationship to student.


*** A call or email must be made for each day that a student will be absent.

Reporting COVID TEst Results:

Link to report POSITIVE test results.

Link to report NEGATIVE test results after absences.

Regular and on-time attendance is essential for a child's success in school. It is also a requirement established by the State of California State Education Code and Administrative Code, Title V. Some key excerpts from these sources are:

  • Students shall attend school punctually and regularly.
  • Students shall be required to provide validation of absence for health reasons.
  • Students shall remain on school grounds during the entire day unless granted permission to leave by authorized personnel.