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Helping at Home

The Kathryn Hughes School Staff recognizes the importance of a positive relationship between the child’s home and the school. Parents, teachers, and students each have responsibilities, which contribute toward building a community of learners. As parents, you help when you:

1. Send your child to school with a positive attitude toward learning and school personnel.

2. Be interested and informed about your child’s progress in school.

3. Provide a quite place for your child to do homework.

4. Review your child’s work and report cards.

5. Participate in teacher conferences.

6. Attend special programs and functions which are presented by the school for parents and the community. Be a member of our PTA and attend school meetings like School Site Council and ELAC meetings. Be a voice for the decisions made to maximize your child’s education.

7. Cooperate with the school in maintaining standards of good behavior (Role Model)

8. Follow suggestions for improvement recommended by the school.

9. Support Positive Behavior Program at Kathryn Hughes School.