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Contact Information

Jennifer Erickson


Nightly Homework


· Bringing homework binder to school every day!

· Nightly Reading (25min)

· 4 Math Menu Options

· 4 Spelling Menu Options

· Record and discuss your Clip # with familiy

· Clip up for completed work 

· unfinished work is done at recess

· Dojo report reflects days student doesn’t turn in work

100% class completion builds toward a burrito!



Current Assignments

Helpful Websites

Donations Needed

Prize Box Toys

Student White Boards

Extra large lined post-its

Hand Sanatizer

Mrs. Erickson 3rd grade

Mrs. Erickson's 3rd Grade Class Webpage

I’m Mrs. Erickson.

This is my 12th year teaching at Hughes and my 13th year with the district. I have lived in Santa Clara for the last 20 years. I am married to a SCUSD middle school teacher and we have a  wonderful son who is in the 3nd grade & is also in our district. Before I became a teacher I was a caterer who turned cooking school teacher. I eventually found my calling teaching grade school & absolutely love my job! I approach each child as I would hope other educators would approach  my own son. I have learned over the years that ALL children are capable of learning and excelling to their fullest potential once they  feel safe, valued, and respected. I look forward to an amazing year with your children.



Important Days of the week:

Important Days of the week:

Tuesday & Thursday :P.E. wear appropriate clothes and shoes.

Wednesday: Hughes Library. Pack books in backpack Tuesday night.

Friday: Music pack recorder and do your music homework!



Behavior Clip Chart

Behavior System

Clips move up as a positive recognition

Over The Moon = drawing for a prize

Bee sticker= they were on over the moon but didn’t get their name drawn. Please acknowledge success at home

Kids receive 3 opportunities to correct behavior:

1. I need statement

2. Clip down: refection

3. Change Location

4. Refocus  &  BTT are sent home for a parent signature

* major  infractions  sent  immediately to the office and administration calls home  decides next steps.


Room 10 Wish List:

· Small prizes for our treasure chest. Nothing violent or religious please

· Copier paper

· Black Expo Markers thin



*check my website for updated needs


School & Class Norms

School & Classroom Norms:

· Be Safe

· Be Respectful

· Be Responsible

Safe Drop Off:

Students wait at yellow line until 8:00 bell rings.

Walk. Place backpack on hook and walk to morning recess on the  black top.

Safe Pick Up:

Parents wait at yellow line and then wave & release.

Car pick up: Parents pull up and wave for release at front benches.


Homework Policy

 Homework should reflect and reinforce what was learned in class that day and  should give the kids time to practice . While the content each night is valuable it isn't crucial. What is IMPORTANT is establishing a habit of homework & building personal responsibility. The routine & organizational skills practice will help to support students as they move up in grades


**Should your child forget their homework they will be expected to write down the title of the book they read and for how long, write about something that happened to them that day (minimum of 5 sentences) and perform 5 math problems you make up for them. This falls under  the NO EXCUSE & no tears policy.