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Captain Bubbles Fitzroy
Captain Bubbles Fitzroy
At Camp
At Camp

Chris Allan

About me

I have taught at Kathryn Hughes since 2001, in either 4th, 5th, or a combination of the two.  Prior to becoming a teacher I worked at concerts from Portland through Los Angeles and out to Colorado, but decided to grow up and be a teacher.  My degree in liberal studies is from San Francisco State, my teaching credential likewise, and I have a master's degree in teacher leadership from San Jose State University.  Next up - I hope to get a doctoral degree in education. 

I live in Santa Clara with my almost 16 year old son Ethan, who is a junior at Santa Clara High School, our attack cat, Weezie, and our newest addition, Captain Bubbles Fitzroy the Rescue Dog.  He is a little over a year old, and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel mix (I think mixed with long haired Chihuahua).  I like to read, travel, volunteer at the local animal shelter, swim, go to the movies, walk the dog, and spend time with family.  This past summer, I taught summer school, adopted Captain Bubbles, and walked the dog.  A lot.  We recently moved into a new apartment complex which has two pools, so I spent some of the summer by a pool, as well as a lot of time organizing the apartment.


And now, I can't wait to get to know all of the new families!


Recent Reads Corner

Reading is one of my passions... always has been.  And I love to share and discuss great books.  I am going to start posting some book recommendations here, and if anyone would like to recommend a book for children OR adults, email me and I will include it here.


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

There is a movie coming out based on this book, and I always tell my son that he has to read the book before I will take him to see the movie.  It started as a way to get him to read the Harry Potter books, and now, whether I ask him to or not, he insists that he and I both read the book first.  This is actually the first of three books in a series that is pretty strange.  I believe that it is marketed as a young adult book, and would be difficult for all but the most advanced 5th grade readers, but any teens or middle school preteens might enjoy this.  It is a fantasy, and Miss Peregrine is kind of a mentor/teacher/foster mom for children with bizarre talents or characteristics, like a girl with a hole in her middle, or a boy who can make clay figures alive for a short time.  The children, some of whom are really much older than their physical appearance, live in loops in time, days that keep repeating over and over.  In these loops they do not age physically. 

Anyway, there are adversaries, evil creatures out to end them, and the series is about this conflict.  There is romance, some violence and death, which are not gruesomely depicted, but none-the-less will be a bit much for younger readers. The characters are unique and it has been enough to keep me reading, though I am not sure that I really like the books.  I have only read the first two, and then had to take a break.  I'd be interested to hear what other readers think....

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday each week - generally a math assignment and one or two other assignments.   Students will also be asked to read each day; studies have shown that in order to maintain a reading level, people have to read two hours a day!  Of course, all reading that you do is a part of the two hours, from street signs to TV listings to novels... So don't worry, I won't assign two hours of reading a day, but the more you read, the better you will do.  So read, read, read!

Reading each day
Reading each day

We need books!

Funds are tight for everyone all over... If you find yourself in a position to pick up a book or two, we have a wishlist!  You can go to  and search for Ms. Allan or the email address, and buy books there, or print the list and find them elsewhere.  New, used - it is all good!


Or, if you want to make it simple - I am trying to replace my class set of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  The books are falling apart and losing pages, and it is one of the community builders that binds us as a reading community.... if you can get even one copy, I can replace one falling apart book.