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PBIS What is Tier 1 Support?

Tier 1 systems, data, and practices are intended for all students, across all settings. They establish the foundation for delivering regular, proactive support and preventing unwanted behaviors. Tier 1 emphasizes prosocial skills and expectations by teaching and acknowledging appropriate student behavior. Teams, data, consistent policies, professional development, and evaluation are essential components for these practices to work effectively.

The core principles guiding Tier 1 PBIS include the understanding that we can and should:

  • * Effectively teach appropriate behavior to all children
  • * Intervene early before unwanted behaviors escalate
  • * Use research-based, scientifically validated interventions whenever possible
  • * Monitor student progress
  • * Use data to make decisions
The PBIS Triangle
PBIS Tier 1

The green area represents Tier 1 that supports all students. The yellow area represents Tier 2, wich supports 10-15% of students. Tier 3 is represented by the red part and is intended to support 3-5% of our students.