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Computer Labs

       Thanks in part to the grant from the Altera Foundation, Kathryn Hughes is proud to offer its students access to two computer labs on campus. These labs are used by all students in grades K-5 for a variety of activities, such as online learning, word processing and media creation, online researching, and technology and digital citizenship lessons. Each lab can comfortably accommodate a class of 33 students, making it possible for all teachers to conduct whole-class lessons that allow every student to use a computer. Our after-school programs also utilize our labs so that the learning continues even when the school day is over! Students are always supervised by an adult while using the labs and our rules for responsible use are strictly enforced. The computer lab teacher and tech coach make sure our labs are always up and running so that learning is never interrupted. Check out some photos of the labs below!

Online Learning Sites

Here are some of the online learning sites students access in the labs:


RAZ Kids

Freckle Education

Footsteps to Brilliance