Welcome to the Kathryn Hughes Elementary YMCA After School Program.  This is our 8th year here on campus and we are very excited for this upcoming year.

Here is some basic YMCA information:

We run Monday -Friday from the time they get out of school until 6:00pm

We are not open on any school holidays including breaks or  teacher in-service days

Our cost is $59.00 per month

Our main focus is on academic enrichment, every child must do an hour of homework  and must participate in enrichment activities.

We currently accept 1st-5th grade, but  our goal is to enroll 2nd-5th first. If we have room we will add first graders . If you would like to be added to our wait list please either come to room 28 or call 408-639-8086.

If you have any other questions please call Christina Wong @ Christina.wong@ymcasv.org 

Hughes YMCA

YMCA Attendance Policy

 The YMCA After School Program has a very strict attendance policy this year and we will only be enrolling students and familes who are able to abide by this policy. We are an After School Enrichment Program and not a day care, we have certain rules we need to follow in order to recieve funding.  Our rules for attendance are as followed:

1. Students must  participate M-F, this mean if they attended school and are enrolled in our program they must be present at the YMCA from the time school lets out until 6:00pm. No child will be allowed to have part time hours.

2. Parallel programs are only allowed if they are run by the school.  Outside activites will no long be allowed on a regular basis.

3. Children must be signed out daily by a parent

Families who are not abiding by our attendance policies will be dropped from our program. If you have any questions regarding our attendance policy please contact Christina Wong at (408) 423-1553


*** Please remember to call 408-639-8086 if your child is present at school but is not attending the YMCA

Wait List and Email List