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Hughes Recognized for Student Achievement by Honor Roll

Santa Clara Unified Schools Recognized for High Achievement in Student Success


Five Santa Clara Unified School District schools have been selected by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as five of 1,866 public schools in California to receive the title of 2016 Honor Roll school. They are: Bracher, Hughes, and Millikin Basics+ Elementary Schools and Santa Clara and Wilcox High Schools.

The Honor Roll is part of a national effort to identify higher-performing schools and highlight successful practices that improve outcomes for students. Schools receiving this distinction from leaders in the California academic and business communities have demonstrated consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time and reduction in achievement gaps among student populations. For high schools, the Honor Roll recognition also includes measures of college readiness.

The Honor Roll is comprised of two different awards, the “Star Schools” Award and “Scholar Schools” Award. Star Schools are those with significant populations of socio-economically disadvantaged students that have shown a significant increase in grade-level proficiency over time. Scholar Schools are schools that are showing significant levels of academic achievement but do not have a significant socio-economically disadvantaged student population.

Santa Clara Unified is proud to be recognized by leaders in the California business community as having Honor Roll schools. Teachers and administrators work tirelessly to keep the focus on high expectations and student academic achievement and to continuously improve practices. This hard work and dedication are paying off for all students, no matter their background.

“We are proud to recognize those schools and school districts who are succeeding in putting their students on a path of productivity that not only leads to success in the classroom but also prepares them to contribute to and benefit from a more productive economy,” said Greg Jones, ERP, and CBEE Board Chairman. “Leadership from both education and the business community is critical to linking success from one system to the next, and ensuring that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a college degree and the financial security of a living wage job.”

“The Honor Roll proves that many schools are doing well, even those with high numbers of historically disadvantaged students,” said Jim Lanich, ERP President and CEO. “These schools are clearly doing something right and all schools, no matter what zip code they are in, can achieve this kind of success. School and school district leadership have a great opportunity to find out what’s working at these Honor Roll schools and replicate it.”

A full list of the Honor Roll schools, districts, and the STEM awardees can be found at or email

Posted by: Teri Morrow Published:6/9/17
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