About Us

Hughes Elementary School

Kathryn Hughes Elementary School is a preschool through fifth grade school.

Hughes Elementary School is located in Santa Clara in a suburban community adjacent to San Jose. First built in 1964, our school was named for Kathryn Hughes, an outstanding teacher in the Alviso School District for 39 years. 

The school has been remodeled with soundproofing and air conditioning due to the San Jose Airport Expansion. This excellently maintained facility presents a warm and inviting educational environment for children. For the 1997-98 school year, four 'portable' buildings were located on the site to give space for lowering class size to 20 in grades K-3.  We have now gone back to 30:1 in K-3.   Summer 1998 six additional 'portables' were temporarily located on the field to accommodate growth in the student body.  In 2004 Kathryn Hughes was modernized, creating classroom environments ready for the 21st century. 

In 2012, Hughes was awarded a $500,000 technology grant from the Altera Foundation. This grant has allowed us to outfit every classroom with a SMART Interactive Whiteboard, audio projection system, document cameras, teacher laptops, and 1:1 tablets for students (coming in the 2013-14 school year). A second computer lab was also added, thanks to the grant. The goal is for Hughes Elementary to become a district professional development site for technology, beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

Hughes Culture

Hughes School is a professional organization.  By setting high expectations and standards, and by providing rigorous academic programs and focused approach, it is our intent and our belief that students can and will succeed.

 Hughes is a community of students, staff and families.  We are responsible for one another, the students and the families of our community.  This sense of community guides us in our work.

 We have three guiding agreements for our community!  Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe!

 Be Respectful

  • We respect and support every individual, both publicly and privately, by working with students, parents and staff to help one another be a successful member of our community. 
  • We build respectful communities by teaching our students how to behave, catching our students doing the right thing and holding them accountable when they do not make a good choice.
  • We communicate openly and respectfully with parents and each other.

 Be Responsible

  • We are a family at Hughes and we share responsibility for all students, while supporting one another.  
  • We work collaboratively to improve student achievement, learn new procedures, methodologies, techniques and to tackle school wide issues.

 Be Safe

  • We provide children with a safe, secure and nurturing environment through a strong, consistent discipline plan, school wide agreement, and caring adults who accept responsibility for all students. 

 The underlying culture of the school is that we are a community that believes in what we can do for kids, we base our decisions on what is best for kids and we work together to help our students succeed.  

Hughes' Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Hughes:

At Kathryn Hughes we partner with our families and community to promote positive citizens of the 21st century, who communicate, collaborate, think critically and ...more

Hughes' Vision

Our Vision:

We intentionally create lifelong learners using rigorous curriculum accessible by all. We promote social-emotional skills through respectful, responsible and safe practices.